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We Help Organisations Thrive


Our Why

There are committed people and organisations working in the development sector – who need skills to achieve their objectives. Often, they lack the connections, time and skillsets required to access the resources they require. We aim to fundamentally reframe the dynamics of the social economy, making it work better for everyone involved.

Our Mission

Engage is a Not-for Profit Company focused on building a community supporting cohesion, collaboration, effectiveness and sustainability across the development sector. 


Engage offers value to both implementing organisations and funding organisations that are invested in social change. Engage has 20 years of combined experience working with both investors and implementors across the development sector and a deep understanding of the challenges encountered across the ecosystem.

Capacity building, strategy and due diligence:

Engage assists implementing organisations and investors with capacity assessment to determine where there are opportunities to improve their organisational effectiveness. Engage has partnered with Nation builder to support corporate investors in the capacity assessment process and work with various other sector specialist to provide the most effective and sustainable solutions.


Collaboration, sharing and integration:

There are thousands of organisations across South Africa alone, with more being registered every day, however there is an ever-present need to facilitate better integration of services, collaboration and de-duplication of effort.  This is a function of both research, aggregated data insights as well as conversation and engagement to develop better service integration and delivery.

Best practice and benchmarks:

Engage is committed to building collective impact by developing models of best practice with organisations for interventions aimed at addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. This includes a function of benchmarks for return on investment and standardised output and outcome metrics.